Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence

Crash Theatre Co Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence photo by Declan YoungServing hot and sporty girl power like you’ve never seen before, Crash Theatre Company presents Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence, an electrifying musical experience, at FANTASIA – Perth Town Hall this January, as part of the Fringe World Festival.

Step onto the court of this contemporary turmoil that entangles the timeless allure of Shakespearean drama with an electrifying multidisciplinary experience of music, dance and theatre, presented by an all-female powerhouse team of WA artists.

In a thrilling Shakespearean twist on the netball court, Mac Beth passionately pursues the coveted title of Year 12 Netball Captain of the Dunsinane Hell-Hounds. Expect a gripping tale of ambition, betrayal, and redemption as Coach Duncan’s decisions spark a fierce battle for leadership.

The Dagger Divas, a trio of dreamy melodies (think Dreamgirls but Mean Girls), visit Mac in her slumbers, echoing the bard’s famous ghostly encounters. They fuel her with the fire to overcome adversity and fight on. Amid accusations and plot twists, Mac’s determination leads her to the brink of glory.

But her reckless actions take her to the edge of despair, creating suspicion and fear among her teammates. As alliances shift and friendships fracture, a climactic showdown awaits the netball battlefield. Will Mac’s relentless drive for success ultimately lead to her triumph, or banishment?

Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence is an original musical that delves deep into the dangerous realms of unchecked ambition while highlighting the fierce determination and competitive spirit of teenage girls on the netball court.

This energetic production that breathes new life into a literary classic, fuelled by an electrifying soundscape, underpinned by electronic pop-synth compositions created by award-winning vocalist, DJ and music producer, Project BEXX.

This show marks CRASH’s ambitious step into uncharted waters. In their unwavering pursuit of risk, resiliency, and resourcefulness, this production represents a resolute display of fearlessness, led by co-directors Ana Ferreira Manhoso and Courtney McManus, who are venturing into musical theatre for the first time.

Director & Music Composer: Bec Price | Featuring: Orla Jean Poole, Courtney McManus, Kate Sisley, Shannon Rogers, Ana Ferreira Manhoso, Andrea Lim, Georgia McGivern, Rebecca Collin | Writer: Courtney McManus | Lyricists: Bec Price, Courtney McManus, Ana Ferreira Manhoso | Creative Producer: Ana Ferreira Manhoso | Stage Manager & Operations: Ella Cooke | Choreographer: Shannon Rogers | Production Design: Rachel Porter | Production Assistant: Claire Norman | Marketing Assistant: Lea Šimic

Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence
FANTASIA – Perth Town Hall, 601 Hay Street, Perth
Season continues to 28 January 2024

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Image: Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence – photo by Declan Young