Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence

Crash Theatre Co Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence photo by K Darius PhotographyLady Macbeth Played Wing Defence is the Shakespearean, Mean Girls of the netball court. From the moment you enter the performance space the team from the Dunsinane Hell-Hounds warms up before one of their big games.

Lead by the Coach Duncan, played by Courtney McManus, the team members perform various manoeuvres that give a glimpse into the fun evening the audience is about to witness.

Lady Macbeth is a tale of power, deceit and bitchiness as Mac Beth, played by Orla Jean Poole, schemes to become the captain of the Dunsinane Hell-Hounds Netball Team. A dream she had had since she was in year seven.

Poole plays her character with conviction as the manipulating, backstabbing team member.  She works her way through team members evoking little sentiment or compassion from the audience.

Georgia McGivern as Brooke Ross, with her Wing Attack bid upside down, steals the laughs during the warm up sequence as she climbs and hangs from the set.  McGivern continues to steal the best laughs during her performance which is slapstick and hilarious.

McManus radiated a don’t mess with me bitch vibe and had the best one liners were saved for her character. She had me laughing out loud throughout the performance.

The score, by Bec Price, echoed some well known themes of well-known pop songs and had me humming the finale tune, Love of the Game, as I left Rechabite Hall.

Price’s lyrics contain comical gems like, “In thunder, lightening and rain, this is how you win the game” and  “When the whistle blows, I reach climax.”

Ana Ferreria as Mia Porter’s version of I am Mia, had a Shakira vibe and was performed with a zest and spirited vibe. While the voices of the chorus are not overly strong, they added to the comedy of the production.

Choreography by Shannon Rogers added to the comedy of the production as cast members danced their way around the court. The scene that saw cast members perform, Claire the Scare, with torches was entertaining and imaginative.

Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence is a fun, engaging, hilarious evening of entertainment. If you’ve ever played netball or were a parent of a child that played netball, or you just want a good laugh, Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence is not to be missed. See you on the court bitches!

Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence
The Rechabite (Main Hall), 224 William Street, Northbridge (Perth)
Encore Performance: Friday 8 March 2024

Image: Lady Macbeth Played Wing Defence – photo by K Darius Photography

Review: Craig Dalglish