Kids design fun and impactful experiences for other children at ArtPlay

CoM-ArtPlay-Don’t-Panic-Everything-Is-Urgent-By-Kids-for-Kids-Collective-photo-by-Pia-JohnsonDuring the winter school holidays children can participate in a range of fun and impactful new arts experiences at ArtPlay designed by an ensemble of young idea makers called the By Kids for Kids Collective.

For the past year, during a couple of catch ups each school term, the collective have reinvented the mixed messages from an adult world to create Don’t Panic, Everything Is Urgent.

With so many conflicting instructions from parents, teachers and other authorities, it is hard to work out what is actually urgent and worth panicking over.

“The By Kids for Kids Collective is an ensemble of rich personalities and imaginations. The ideas created for Don’t Panic, Everything Is Urgent are many things at once: fascinating, confronting and entertaining,” said Alex Walker, founder and artistic director of House of Muchness.

“Spending time with these incredible kids for the past year has been revealing. They have respectfully pointed out the inconsistencies in the mixed messages around urgency that come from adults. There is so much confusion and they do so well to navigate it.”

The four activities created as part of Don’t Panic, Everything Is Urgent will be presented in a place that cannot decide if it is official or ridiculous, serious or silly (it’s definitely both!). The only reasonable reaction is to laugh.

For one week, the collective will shake up ArtPlay to deliver Don’t Panic, Everything Is Urgent, where everything will be mixed up, turned upside down and new examples will definitely be set. The four activities are:

The World is Lava – A physical challenge obstacle course that navigates natural disasters and everyday anxieties. Each path includes tricky tasks themed on an urgent idea.

How Do You Get Power? – A performance workshop to create your own leader with costumes and props that style your own photo shoot. There’s also an opportunity to ask questions about power, passion and ambitions.

Can Everyone Please Calm Down? – Come and try the chillax stations designed to achieve maximum calm, peace and serenity. Place your vote for the best station, which could be time with plants, sipping peppermint tea or cuddling cushions.

Arguments For and Against Having Children – A fun and provocative panel discussion about being a parent and having children. Hear opinions from a panel of kids and adults.

Everything turns in on itself. Everything is an emergency. But don’t panic – after all, everything is urgent. Quickly get down to ArtPlay these school holidays and hang out with the By Kids for Kids Collective.

“This is a really special and unique ArtPlay initiative – a program designed exclusively by kids for kids,” said City of Melbourne Lord Mayor, Sally Capp.

“Giving children the power to express themselves freely and be their own directors is an incredible opportunity to showcase creative talent – this is a must do experience for the school holidays.”

ArtPlay and House of Muchness have creatively co-developed the By Kids for Kids Collective and Don’t Panic, Everything Is Urgent.

Don’t Panic, Everything Is Urgent
ArtPlay – Birrarung Marr, Melbourne (behind Fed Square, Russell Street exit)
Season: 1 – 9 July 2023
Information and Bookings:

Image: Don’t Panic, Everything Is Urgent – photo by Pia Johnson