Keeping Independent Voices On Air – JOY Radiothon 2020 is Here!

APN JOY949Now, more than ever, JOY is all about you… because they ARE you. From the presenters, podcasters, newsreaders, producers and everyone in between, JOY represents you, hoping you can hear your voice, experiences and ideals reflected in what you hear.

We are all in isolation, all stuck at home, worried about loved ones, jobs, toilet paper ? and trying to remain calm through the many stresses this pandemic is throwing at all of us. By supporting JOY this Radiothon you are enabling them to honour stories by you, advocate for you and celebrate with you.

To stay on air JOY needs your help! Radiothon is happening earlier than usual this year and yes, the timing is less than ideal but… to be perfectly frank, JOY has to go ahead with the campaign during this time if they have any hope of staying on-air and afloat during these uncertain times. From JOY’s total income sources every year Radiothon typically makes up around 30%.

JOY knows its listeners – (same as many of JOY’s presenters and staff) are doing it tough right now and they honestly appreciate your support. One key fact is that currently, less than 1% of their 589,000 listeners support them financially… if every listener donated the price of a cup of coffee during Radiothon – they would be able to keep the station running for 2 years!

JOY is launching a Subscription model this year! Subscriptions are aimed at listeners interstate, overseas or for those who simply want to support JOY and the work they do without being involved in the organisational operations of the station (in the same way that members are).

They will always need passionate listeners to become and remain members of JOY, giving their voice to the direction of the station and it is the organisation’s hope that this additional model will complement memberships and help support JOY throughout the year – providing a much needed monthly income source.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your donation. Sign up, renew your membership or become a subscriber between 22 April – 9 May 2020 for your chance to win some amazing prizes! For more information, visit: for details.

Image: courtesy of JOY 94.9

Disclaimer: Rohan Shearn (Australian Arts Review) is a member of JOY 94.9 and appears on Sunday Arts Magazine every fortnight!