Kafka’s Monkey

Q44_Kafka's MonkeyRich in dry wit and dark comedy, Q44 Theatre Company will showcase its final instalment for the 2014 season, Colin Teevan’s Kafka’s Monkey, playing at the company’s intimate Swan Street theatre from Thursday 13 November.

Exploring society’s issues of discrimination, segregation and the human desire to be accepted, Kafka’s Monkey follows the story of an ape, Red Peter, who, after being captured on the Gold Coast of Africa, is confined to a cage at the bottom of a ship and forced by his captors to learn the niceties of human behaviour. As the story unfolds, Red Peter delves into the struggles of his transformation from ape to a cultured European man.

Based on Frank Kafka’s A Report to an Academy, Kafka’s Monkey is a solo performance by the play’s producer, Boris Granolic and is directed by Q44 founder, Gabriella Rose Carter.

Producer Boris Granolic connects strongly with this piece, stating, “I hope to give the audience as much artistic nourishment as I have received while working on this play.”

Gabriella Rose-Carter added, “Kafka’s Monkey is an honest reflection of how those around us shape the person that we become. It’s a perfect combination of entertainment and reality and will close the season nicely”

Kafka’s Monkey
Q44 Theatre Company, 1st Floor – 550 Swan St, Burnley
Season: 13 – 30 November 2014
Bookings: www.q44.com.au

For more information, visit: www.q44.com.au for details.

Image: courtesy of Q44 Theatre Company