JUTE Theatre Company: celebrating three decades of Australian stories and so much more

JUTE-30-year-milestone30 years ago, on 21 November 1992, Kathryn Ash, Suellen Maunder and Susan Prince, established Just Us Theatre Ensemble (now operating as JUTE Theatre Company) and as founding members have many memories and milestones to celebrate and share at a gathering at Bulmba-ja Arts Centre on Saturday 26 November 2022.

JUTE’s Artistic Director and CEO Suellen Maunder said three decades is an opportunity to reflect, take stock and prepare for the future.

“I have so many wonderful memories – all the beautiful artists JUTE has worked with, all the wonderful new work we have generated, all the audiences who have come through the doors and been inspired, transformed or at the very least questioned their ideas and perspectives.

“Of course, we have also had our fair share of challenges that you would expect in a company that grew from three people at the beginning to an organisation that now employs six people and is responsible for 60 to 90 artist contracts a year.”

“What JUTE has demonstrated along the way is creativity, resilience, and an ability to realise potential. I am immensely proud,” said Ms Maunder.

JUTE Theatre Company’s birthday party is an open invitation to family and friends and all the many theatre goers and supporters. The event is from 5.00pm to 7.00pm – visit: www.jute.com.au to RSVP or find out more.

As a bonus, guests will have the opportunity to continue the evening watching the next generation of young actors from the JUTE Actors Studio Professional Pathway program tread the boards in the production of 3 O’Clock Flagpole – which according to Ms Maunder, is “hilarious”.

“All credit to Amber Grossman and our troupe of young actors, the next generation of artists heading towards a bright future,” she said.

Steve Pirie‘s new magical realism work, 3 O’Clock, Flagpole jumps into the quadrangle and pulls apart classroom politics and safety, in a world where students must figure it out on their own all while learning fun facts about the ocean.

3 O’Clock Flagpole will be performed twice – on Friday 25 November at 7.30pm and again on Saturday 26 November (following the 30th birthday celebration) at 7.30pm at Bulmba-ja Arts Centre theatre, Cairns. For more information, visit: www.jute.com.au for details.

Image: The founding trio in 1993 (from left): JUTE Theatre Company Artistic Director and CEO Suellen Maunder, Senior Creative Producer, Kathryn Ash and actor Susan Prince (supplied)