Jude Perl: Part of This Complete Breakfast

TBC Jude Perl Part of This Complete BreakfastAfter working with a Grammy Award winning producer on her debut album, Modern Times, and two consecutive years of sold out MICF shows, Jude Perl is ready to talk about ‘selling out’. In both senses. Full of stunning original music and biting social commentary, Part of This Complete Breakfast is an hour of entertainment that covers every level of the food pyramid.

Singer/songwriter/comedian Jude Perl has finally succumbed to the natural progression of the music industry, and has sold her music, her brand and her ability to make decisions to SugarHope Records – the company responsible for Sugar-Oh’s. That’s right! Delicious Sugar-Oh’s! Putting smiles on faces for over 65 years!

Part Of This Complete Breakfast details Perl’s exciting journey from a humble jingle writer, to a desperate-is-a-nice-way-of-putting-it wannabe pop singer. Her inspirational story just goes to show that anything is possible if you work hard, believe in yourself and have photographic evidence of a company representative paying off a safety inspector at one of their Guatemalan factories. Dreams really can come true!

Part of This Complete Breakfast was selected as part of The Butterfly Club’s inaugural Curated Spring Program and will perform for six nights from the 6th of September. This hour of musical comedy gold is served up with a custom cocktail, Hair Of The Dog, which features fruit-loop infused gin. Both are highly addictive!

Jude Perl: Part of This Complete Breakfast 
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season: 6 – 11 September 2016
Information and Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com

Image: Jude Perl