John Sheedy to leave Theatre Works

Theatre Works John SheedyJohn Sheedy will leave his role as Theatre Works’ Creative Director, after unveiling the 2018 season later this month.

In his two years at Theatre Works, John’s achievements are significant, including curating and producing two seasons and leading two Directors’ Labs, and securing 3 years of Catalyst funding. John contributed significantly to developing the organisation’s artistic policy and strengthening its place in the independent arts sector.

“My time at Theatre Works has been deeply rewarding and I have been humbled daily by the dedication and hard work of the very small team here, all driven by their belief in the organisation and the important position it holds with in the independent theatre sector,” said Mr Sheedy.

“I have also been continually inspired by the high quality of artists and work I have had the pleasure to program. I will be returning next year as a guest director for a very exciting project and continuing my relationship with Theatre Works in the future as an artist and audience member.”

John’s first love is directing and after two years of fostering and facilitating independent artists, he is ready to return to the rehearsal room and focus on directing. He is also keen to pursue his filmmaking career.

“We are very grateful to John for the energy and creative vision he has contributed to Theatre Works. He leaves Theatre Works in excellent condition and with an exciting year ahead of us,” said Chair of Theatre Works, Ros Willett.

“All of us are thrilled with the success of his recent film, Mrs McCutcheon, which is sure to keep delighting audiences across the world. We look forward to watching John develop his career in film and hope to see his theatre productions around the country.”

John will launch the Theatre Works 2018 season on 11 December, before finishing with the organisation on 20 December. Theatre Works will begin recruiting in the new year. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: John Sheedy (supplied)