Joel James: Movie Kind of Timing

AAR-Joel-JamesInspired by an imagined movie moment during the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian independent artist Joel James is back with a new single and music video, Movie Kind of Timing.

Entering with a soft piano melody, James begins singing with an emotionally vulnerable quality that instantly captures the listener’s attention. The verses are soft and sentimental, depicting a love story of two people meeting in a magical “movie-like” way.

The chorus comes in strong with big, powerful drums and an undeniable vocal intensity from James that escalates his sentimentalism into a mighty anthem singing the words “I found my harmony, something in the weakest part of me.” Through the lyrics the listener is taken from the start to finish of a seemingly perfect love story – one that seems all too perfect until its premature ending.

“The inspiration comes from meeting a special someone in such a way you would only see in film,” says James. “What seemed all too perfect was turned on its head when the entire world was flipped upside down at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing that someone to fly back home prematurely, the distance ultimately ending what was a special moment.”

Joel James is an emerging independent artist based in Melbourne, Australia. A favored performer among local pubs and venues, he is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and producer with a keen ear. He first debuted with the single Still Around – which landed on Australia commercial radio and was featured on Gold Coast’s ‘Hot Tomato’ radio station.

He quickly followed the success of his debut with the 2016 EP release of I’m A Fool, and has continued releasing singles and EPs throughout the years. His collaborative release with Remo Camero, Black Light was the first original music video to use the iPhone animoji’s as a live action band and won Best Moving Image at IPA Lucie Awards in New York where it was screened in Carnegie Hall.

James’ music embodies a cinematic feel and style, often incorporating movie elements into the music and imagery. With pop-rock roots, he sets out to create his own niche of music filled with vulnerable lyrics, rich soundscapes, comforting melodies, and powerful vocals.

He is known for powerful live performances that showcases his unique soundscape that simultaneously straddles the line between vintage and modern. Crafting music that blends big drums and orchestral sounds to create a timeless composition, James brings a raw emotion to every piece and translates honest vibes through intimate performances that leave the listener grasping for more.

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Image: Joel James (supplied)