Joe Matera: Louder Than Words – Beyond the Backstage Pass

Joe Matera Louder Than WordsJoe Matera holds a unique position as a music journalist who is also a professional musician. This insight has allowed him to carve out a career as both a performer and a critic.

It has also allowed him access to areas where music journos are not permitted while musicians open up more readily to ‘one of their own’.

In this his second book, Louder Than Words – Beyond the Backstage Pass, Joe traces his childhood influences and meets the musicians who changed his life – from heroes such as Janne Schaffer, who played on ABBA’s studio albums, to Gerry Rafferty (the genius behind Baker Street) and international superstar Bryan Adams and his song-writing partner Jim Vallance.

Louder Than Words also delves into the often tortuous touring life of a musician, with life on the road often leading to band break-ups or mental breakdown.

Joe also examines the impact of MTV on a generation of musicians, focussing particularly on one video by rising rock star Billy Squier that is said to have ruined his career.

“Joe Matera has gone beyond the usual “deep dive” into the history of rock music. His passion and patience are truly a gift to us all.” – Gerry Beckley (America)

In addition to his solo music career as a singer/songwriter/guitarist, Joe Matera also has a career as a music journalist writing for international music magazines such as Guitar Player, Guitar World, Record Collector, and Goldmine.

He also writes a popular newspaper music column for the Shepparton News. His list of interviewees include Metallica, Queen, Blondie, Bon Jovi, KISS and Black Sabbath, to name just a few. Joe lives in Melbourne with his wife Liz

Louder Than Words is published by Empire Publications and is available from Amazon.

Image: Louder Than Words – Beyond the Backstage Pass (supplied)