Jennifer Riddle wins 2022 Glover Prize for Wanderings of the Past and Now

AAR-Glover-Prize-2022-Winner-Jennifer-RiddleVictoria-based artist, Jennifer Riddle has been announced as the winner of the 2022 Glover Prize for her entry titled Wanderings of the Past and Now.

Jennifer Riddle is an artist based in Red Hill, Victoria who exhibits with Scott Livesey Galleries in Melbourne, and Gallery One in Queensland. Riddle has won $50,000 and a bronze maquette of colonial artist, John Glover, after whom the Glover Prize is named.

With an emphasis on renewing our senses to natures beauty, Jennifer’s work aims to “offer a reflective moment in the landscape – a silent pause from the noise that surrounds us, elevating one’s awareness in a soulful embrace with nature.”

Through composition, expressive palette knife applications of varying intensities and delicate veils of brushwork, her work “endeavours to exemplify both the physicality of strength and the poetry of grace that underlies the landscape. Whilst creating a soulful sense of space and depth within the work that offers an experience of stillness, reverence and connection.”

Riddle’s winning artwork, created with the medium of synthetic polymer on canvas, is her fifth to be selected as a Glover Prize finalist. Riddle has previously featured in the 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2021 Glover Prize Exhibitions.

Proving to always be a favourite amongst visitors, Riddle has been awarded the Glover Prize People’s Choice Award in both 2017 and 2019, as well as the Children’s Choice Award in 2017.

Jennifer Riddle’s official statement accompanying her entry speaks about the future of the natural environment: “It’s hard to look at Port Davey’s pristine, remote landscape without feeling the enormity and impact of its presence. Particularly as we confront the realities of global warming and the ongoing threats to our most ancient landscapes,” she said.

“Its beauty’s breathtaking, nostalgic of another time. Yet, it’s a landscape of now. And the overwhelming emotions surrounding Covid-19 and the environment’s future have compounded and intensified in this moment.”

“Perhaps the 19th century Romantics foresaw where we would be today, as they celebrated nature’s beauty in the face of the Industrial Revolution, pollution and plague. Similarly, as I find myself back here, between lockdowns and border closures, I can’t help but feel akin to the Romantics before me, as I ardently honour the sublime.”

“Here, I’m reminded of the Needwonnee Peoples deep reciprocal connection with land and sea as I explore these waterways and contemplate its past and future. There are moments of stillness, reflection, and an overwhelming sense of wonderment and profound empathy for this land.”

“Painting this landscape feels familiar, but its sentiments feel more exposed, raw and primal. And my response is visceral, poignant and euphoric. Deeply I exhale, fuelled with immense hope for humanity’s reconciliation with nature,” said Riddle.

Two other finalist artworks have been Highly Commended by the Glover Prize Judges. Greg Ferry’s Tattoo convention Bridgewater, wet shirt competition, and Stephen Lees’ WALKING GEORGE were recognised by the Judges.

Two more prizes are to be awarded as part of the 2022 Glover Prize with the People’s Choice and Children’s Choice Awards being drawn on the final day of the exhibition (Sunday 20March). The winners of these popular votes will receive $3,000 and $500 prize money, respectively.

Federal Group Director Julia Farrell said the organisation was thrilled to once again be the Principal Partner of the prestigious Glover Prize, stating that: “We’re looking forward to hanging the winning artwork in Landscape Restaurant at the Henry Jones Art Hotel, alongside original works by John Glover and past winners of the prize,” she said.

“It gives Hobart art lovers and visitors to Tasmania a fantastic opportunity to experience a slice of the Glover Prize in the southern part of the state. Congratulations to all the finalists and to the entire Glover Prize committee on another wonderful celebration of exceptional landscape art,” said Ms Farrell.

The 2022 Glover Prize exhibition of finalists is now on display at the historic Falls Park pavilion in Evandale. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Glover Prize 2022 Winner, Jennifer Riddle, with her winning piece, Wanderings of the Past and Now (supplied)