Jenni Townsend: Invite Me to the Met Gala Already

MICF-Jenni-Townsend-Invite-Me-to-the-Met-Gala-AlreadySince childhood, Jenni Townsend has been interested in fashion. Devotees of the rag trade know that one of the most important events on the calendar is “The Met Gala” – the annual fundraising evening of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Townsend has just received her long-coveted invitation, but what to wear? With no time to lose, wanna-be-famous designer Townsend is going to have to make her outfit herself.

Each year the Gala has a particular theme, and a pre-show audience poll chose this. Following a slick video introduction to some looks from past Galas, tonight’s theme was revealed, and Townsend set to work on her artistic vision.

At various intervals she would have to step away from the frock to play certain judges, who would critique her evolving design. For those of us not so familiar with tv shows like Project Runway, some of the parody elements would have gone over our fascinators.

However, with certain opening monologues in the guise of particular characters, Townsend did well to expose us to some attitudes in the world of high fashion. There was fun to be had in seeing her make choices (with audience input) and solve some problems in creation on stage.

Whilst this seems to be more of a “fringe” show at present, props to Townsend for her quirky attempt to do something novel.

This judge’s well-meaning note is to suggest they get an ice bucket for the card-table bar so the drinks for sale aren’t warm. This aside, some might quite enjoy seeing an independent artist on the less-frequented runway of the Nicholas Building.

It’s quite likely that Invite Me to the Met Gala Already will amuse the more adventurous fashionistas amongst MICF punters.

Jenni Townsend: Invite Me to the Met Gala Already
Room 502 – TIC Swanston (The Nicholas Building), 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Performance: Friday 31 March 2023 – 7.30pm
Season continues to 9 April 2023
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Image: Jenni Townsend (supplied)

Review: Jason Whyte