Jenna Lo Bianco: The Italian Marriage

AAR Jenna Lo Bianco The Italian MarriageAn inheritance, a fake marriage, and a love story for the ages, Jenna Lo Bianco’s The Italian Marriage is your quintessential, enchanting rom-com.

The time has come. In order to secure the future of his family estate and fix his broken relationship with his father, workaholic lawyer Matthew D’Adamo needs a wife.

Enter Sarah Browne, a free-spirited event manager, who is looking for an escape from the emotional and physical toll of her endometriosis, and the incessant buzzer of her biological clock.

With an ironclad prenuptial agreement, Matthew and his ‘wife’, Sarah, are moving to Florence to fulfil the D’Adamo inheritance clause.

There are just two problems. One: they’ve never met. Two: there’s another claimant on the D’Adamo estate.

Matthew and the other potential heir will have to compete for the inheritance. ‘Faking it’ from their first meeting at Sydney airport, Matthew and Sarah’s resolve will be tested at every turn. Will they have what it takes? And who said anything about love?

Filled with everything you could ever want in a romance novel, Jenna Lo Bianco’s writing is so vivid and enthralling you will be transported to the Italian countryside, wishing you could have your own estate in Umbria!

Jenna Lo Bianco is ‘The Italian Teacher’, a passionate ‘Italianist’, and also a writer, educator, PhD Candidate and advocate for Italian language education in Australia. With nearly sixty publications to her name, Jenna is trusted nationally and internationally to write about all things ‘Italian’.

She is a Fellow of the International Specialised Skills Institute and Italian Australian Foundation, regular contributor to Segmento magazine and has written and consulted in educational publishing for more than a decade. Jenna may appear to live in Melbourne, but her heart and soul are Rome’s most permanent residents.

The Italian Marriage is published by Pan Macmillan Australia and is available from all leading book retailers including Booktopia.

Image: The Italian Marriage – courtesy of Pan Macmillan Australia