Jason Edwards: Icebergs to Iguanas – Photographic Journeys Around the World

AAR-Icebergs-to-Iguanas-Photographic-Journeys-Around-the-World-by-Jason-EdwardsIcebergs to Iguanas is a collection of Australian photographer Jason Edwards treasured National Geographic images and memories enlightened with behind-the-scenes stories, fascinating captions and personal observations extracted from my field journals.

Two times Eureka award winner, Jason has been at the forefront of natural history photography for more than three decades.

His image portfolio at the National Geographic ranks among the largest of any photographer in the Society’s history.

Jason has been bitten, clawed, chased, chewed, shot at and stoned (with rocks), defecated and urinated on. He’s been smuggled, groomed, diseased, lost, injured, incarcerated, frightened and enamoured.

All of these intoxicating experiences make for wild and epic tales that often comes with the territory when he’s shooting his jaw dropping photographs all over the globe.

“For the past three years I’ve scrawled through many of my journals, countless images some traversing thousands of unmapped miles,” says author and photographer, says Jason Edwards.

“The result is the release of my first, full colour, 400+ page hard back book which I’ve called, Icebergs to Iguanas. This labour of love features a host of my favourite images which I wanted to share in one place.”

From the dripping forests of the Amazon Basin to the primeval wonder of the Great Migration, and the architectural genius of ancient Persian Empire.

We voyage south, following Earth’s longest mountain range, and we witness the unique bond between teenagers and wild horses in Australia’s arid heart.

Icebergs to Iguanas invites you behind the scenes, into my wild, exciting, sometimes heart-breaking journey through the animal kingdom,” says Jason.

“I delve into my field journals to share my personal stories, full of chance encounters and complex dichotomies – beauty and brutality, famine and feast – and, through it all, a desire to celebrate and capture on film, life’s many wonders.”

Icebergs to Iguanas – Photographic Journeys Around the World is available to purchase from Jason’s website. For more information, visit: www.jasonedwards.co for details. Checkout a behind the scenes video of the book here!

Image: Icebergs to Iguanas – Photographic Journeys Around the World – courtesy of Jason Edwards