Is AI going to be the death of Art? Should creatives be worried?

ART-photo-by Zach-Key on UnsplashIn recent months, artificial intelligence (AI) has been shaking things up, introducing a new way to generate content and artwork with very little effort – much to the dread of many creatives. The question now is; does this spell the death of art? And should creatives be concerned? Read on and we’ll share our two-cents on the subject.

Is AI going to be the death of art?
The short answer is no. If anything, AI is simply giving new life to the creative world and making it more accessible to those who have a story to tell – absent the means to tell it.

Of course, for those who have spent thousands of hours perfecting their craft, this can feel like a bit of a slap in the face. However, it certainly isn’t going anywhere, so rather than resist, the only thing we as creatives can do is embrace AI.

If anything – the value of human-made art will increase
If you are worried about being replaced by robots any time soon, it’s important to recognise that the rise of AI auto-generated art will likely only increase the value of human-made art.

If anyone can type a few prompts into some software and get poetry or an intriguing art piece back in return, the demand for real artists will be even greater.

Sure, a young creative writing and self-publishing a book can now automatically generate a half-decent book cover for themselves without ever lifting a paint brush, however, in the professional publishing industry, we’re likely going to see a rise in demand for book-cover art created by prestigious and recognisable names.

Should you be worried?
If you are worried about being replaced by artificial intelligence, then perhaps you’re not as committed to your art form as you first thought.

Rest assured, many aspiring artists will give up in the face of AI because they don’t see the point – or fail to believe how they could ever possibly compete. This is a mistake and you must not follow suit.

You should not be worried. Instead, you should be invigorated. Allow the rise of AI to fill you with an even deeper desire to demonstrate your inherent human opinion and creativity and then push the boundaries. It will not be hard to differentiate yourself when every other ‘artist’ inevitably turns to a computer to create for them. Be audacious.

People will always be needed to guide AI
Certainly, there may be a time many moons from now in some dystopian horror when AI has so far surpassed us in every possible perceivable manner that humans have been rendered entirely obsolete, however, it’s a loooong way off.

You are here. Right now. Today. And as impressive as AI is – it’s a baby that needs guidance. And who better to guide AI than genuinely gifted artists?

If you are concerned about being replaced, make yourself irreplaceable. Yes, explore AI and fool around with various prompts and parameters – but never give up your inherent, God-given desire to make something beautiful out of nothing. That is the key to standing out and remaining relevant in a world that is changing rapidly around us.

Sure, the best agencies who practise SEO in Sydney will likely adopt AI in many aspects of their digital marketing efforts, but there will always be a demand for human talent.

People understand people and while AI can certainly help lighten the workload, organic intelligence will always have that extra edge when it comes to tapping into human emotion. Don’t panic. You’ve got this!

Image: ART – photo by Zach Key on Unsplash