In His Words: Voices of Fatherhood

A live-music-cinematic response to the contemporary experience of fathering through song, words, film, first-hand accounts… and unfiltered authenticity, The Street Theatre presents the world premiere season of In His Words: Voices of Fatherhood by Creswick this June.

Nine fathers, nine interviews, nine lives. In His Words invites you to step inside modern fatherhood through a live performance event and immersive experience that weaves film, music and song together with feature narratives to take you into the experience of being a father.

Bringing elements of his artistic practices together for the first time, the award-winning composer, musician, photographer and videographer Creswick (f.k.a Liam Budge) crafts an evocative audio/visual experience in his live music cinematic response to the different experiences of fatherhood.

“My own journey into fatherhood has been transformative, and weaving other father’s stories together has shown me the through lines and commonalities in the experiences of modern fatherhood,” said Creswick. “It has highlighted the deep role that masculinity plays in our abilities as men and fathers to parent, and how vulnerability and masculinity interact.”

Agreeing to be a part of Creswick’s creative process in the making of In His Words, profiled fathers share their lives, experiences and different perspectives through filmed interviews. Influences of culture, masculinity and role models are questioned in documenting the life-long endeavour of contemporary fatherhood.

Drawing inspiration from diverse artists such as Sting, Bon Iver, Nils Frahm and Vince Jones, the music is an eclectic mix of pop, jazz, folk and rock music with soaring instrumental solos, delicate ballads, art rock and ultra-vivid textural soundscapes.

Made with and for The Street, In His Words is the first of its Early Phase commissioning projects to be produced travelling from conceptualisaton in 2021 through to production in 2023.

Artistic Director Caroline Stacey says “that it is a remarkable work of ambition transforming traditional parameters of the contemporary jazz-rock-pop-folk musical experience extending the boundaries of storytelling with unfiltered authenticity.”

The James Morrison Generations Award-winner, described by The Australian as “A talent destined for wide acclaim…” Canberra born jazz vocalist Creswick has established himself as one of Australia’s leading vocalists and songwriters leaving his mark in the mecca of jazz while living in New York City performing on many of its storied stages. The Street Theatre-goers will remember his spellbinding performance in the acclaimed Flight Memory.

Creswick performs with an exceptional ensemble of jazz luminaries, Brett Williams (piano and keys), and ANU alumni Ben Hauptmann (guitars), James Hauptmann (drums), and Chris Pound (bass) alongside his films on stage.

A creative team of designers Antony Hateley, Imogen Keen and Kimmo Vennonen set the scene for audiences to enter a surround-sound world where cinematic portraits of intimate dad encounters hook into the pulse of live music.

Get ready to be inspired and provoked and moved by the vulnerability, honesty and deep affection of the stories told. Step inside fatherhood now. Join the conversation on parenting today at a pre-show event: A New Age of Parenting featuring Dr Liana Leach, Rob Sturrock and Brendon Le Lievre on Saturday 24 June (6.30pm).

In His Words: Voices of Fatherhood
The Street Theatre, 15 Childers Street, Canberra City West
Season: 23 – 25 June 2023
Information and Bookings:

Image: The Street Theatre presents In His Words: Voices of Fatherhood (supplied)