Hugh Crosthwaite: 16 Lullabies

AAR-16-Lullabies-by-Hugh-CrosthwaiteIn response to the intensity of the global pandemic, Melbourne-based composer Hugh Crosthwaite has released an album of 16 Lullabies recorded by renowned Australian pianist Stefan Cassomenos.

“This project has been such a joy,” said Composer Hugh Crosthwaite. “Each lullaby is for a specific person, the children of my closest friends and family. It’s precious to me because each dedicatee is precious. Working with Myles and Stefan has similarly been wonderful. There is something beautiful about three fellas, working together, applying their hard-earned expertise, for the sole purpose of creating beautiful gentle music.”

“Lullabies provide a safe space for the listener to unwind; to celebrate our connection to music as human beings. This meditative album is for all the new parents seeking comfort in the early hours of the morning, to those who are feeling anxious about the current global health situation, and for those who are lonely seeking attachment and care. That’s what lullabies are supposed to do, soothe the soul, and herald rest and renewal.”

“Having Melbourne’s favourite pianist Stefan Cassomenos at the keys on this album provides more than just a bond between each musical work. Stefan’s passion and expertise resonates through each lullaby, resulting in a beautiful collection of songs that are relevant to today and these uncertain times,’’ said Hugh.

Inspired by a wide variety of music, Hugh Crosthwaite’s music is influenced by the classical music of the late 19th and early 20th century as well as popular and alternative rock music of the 1990s. The lullabies were written in less than a month and recorded over two sessions with engineer and producer Myles Mumford.

Crosthwaite has written commissions for Sarah Curro, The Melbourne Youth Orchestra, The Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Choir and Plexus Collective; as well as recently collaborating with ZEDSIX on The Shape of Jazz.

16 Lullabies is available to download or stream for free with an accompanying song book for those wishing to start a new journey to play new music. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: 16 Lullabies by Hugh Crosthwaite