Hot Shoe Shuffle

Hot Shoe ShuffleBefore Tap Dogs and The Boy from Oz, Hot Shoe Shuffle paved the way as the first Australian musical to succeed both at home and internationally and is one of the longest running multi-award winning musicals ever to be produced in Australia.

Hot Shoe Shuffle tells the story of the seven Tap Brothers (Spring, Slap, Buck, Wing, Tip, Tap and Slide), who learn of the death of their long-absent father, who has apparently left them a fortune.

The only catch is that to receive their inheritance, they must rehearse and perform his legendary ‘Act’ – the Hot Shoe Shuffle!!  In addition, they must also include their long-lost sister, April, into The Act.  The only problem is – she has two left feet!

Coached by a friend of their fathers, Max King, the brothers eventually overcome their resentment and suspicion of April, and she becomes part of the family and the show.  A twist in the plot reveals that the inheritance tale is a ruse to bring the family back together again, and the Hot Shoe Shuffle is finally performed triumphantly.

In the tradition of the best Broadway musicals, Hot Shoe Shuffle features hit songs from the big band era, conjuring the elegance of Fred Astaire and the sweet thrills of Gershwin.

Originally conceived, directed and produced by David Atkins OAM in 1992, Hot Shoe Shuffle was choreographed by both Atkins and the now world-renowned tap choreographer Dein Perry. It has won numerous awards and been produced in six different countries.

The current production opened in Brisbane in May to rave reviews and a standing ovation at every performance, and is currently playing in Sydney to critical acclaim!

“We were thrilled to see that we have resonated with an audience of all ages. It was a great start to the tour, receiving a standing ovation for each performance,” said David Atkins.

Hot Shoe Shuffle is one musical that is not to be missed, and is one that you will want to see again and again.

Hot Shoe Shuffle
Her Majesty’s Theatre – 219 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
Season: 9 August – 1 September 2013

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Image: David Atkins and Cast