Heart Lines

Heart LinesExploring the ideas of destiny and what is truly held within the heart, Heart Lines by Fremantle playwright Kerry Bowden will be presented as part of the 2015 Fremantle Festival until 31 October.

What is a heart? One minute it beats the next it stops. One life taken, another saved. Life hangs somewhere in the space between. But what if there is more to a heart than pumping blood around the vital organs? What if it becomes us; our life force, complete with our inherent traits? And if you transplant that life force, does it take with it pieces of you?

Noah is twenty three, and he wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the heart transplant he received four years ago. But ever since, he hasn’t quite been who he was before. Poetry, new interests and different perspectives emerge. Is this just the effects of a near death experience or something held deeply within the heart?

Written and directed by Fremantle playwright, Kerry Bowden, Heart Lines follows Noah’s journey via a video clip he makes of himself in an attempt to express his gratitude to the family of his heart donor. In a series of flashbacks Noah’s heart donor is revealed and we come to terms with the reason Noah lives, while another youth’s life is taken away.

“I have always been interested in writing stories which explore the interconnectedness that exists between one person and another and the way in which characters reveal their shared humanity on stage,” says Bowden. “I wanted Heart Lines to be tender- tough, simultaneously exploring both loss and joy; despair and hope.”

“As a director, I have been blessed with a very talented cast who have each brought great emotionality and humour to their character and helped to sculpt the narrative into a life- affirming story.’’

Starring an up and coming cast of extremely talented young Perth actors, in what is at once beautiful and at the same time an achingly sad story, Heart Lines challenges the ideals of identity, personality and transcendence.

Writer / Director: Kerry Bowden  Featuring: Tristan Gorey, Tyler Lindsay-Smith, Brodie Masini, Jesse McGinn, Blake Richardson and Nick Stevenson

Heart Lines
PS Art Space, 22 Pakenham Street, Fremantle
Season continues to 31 October 2015
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Image: photo by Sauvage Photography