Head Over Heels: The Musical

WAAPA The Cast of Head Over Heels photo by Stephen HeathHead Over Heels is an exuberant, comical tale of acceptance and love performed by the talented WAAPA 2024 third year music theatre students. The storyline and show reminded me of the current Broadway hit, & Juliet.

Blake Douglas as Musidorius, the simple lovesick shepherd boy, hammed up his performance for all it’s worth. With a broad Australian accent and having to perform disguised as a woman dressed in a blonde wig, dress and plate of armour; he strutted around the stage with an uncomfortable male swagger.

Sophia Matthews as the oracle, Pythio has a sound voice and manages to lift her solo, Vison of Nowness with evil screams as she reveals the four prophesies. She glides around the stage with a menacing guise.

Emma Caporaso’s performance and presence on stage was full of fun, power and vigour. She commanded attention as the vain and beautiful sister, Pamela.

Madison Randl as her plain sister Philocle, and Caporaso have a great rapport on stage and play the beautiful / plain sister plot with great comic timing. Added to this duo is Lucy Laylor as the handmaiden, Mopsa.

These three leading ladies have amazing voices and when joined together their harmonies were superb. There interactions on stage were at times heartfelt and hilariously charming.

Taye Grant as King Basilius and Sarah Bowers as Queen Gynecia’s version of Heaven is a Place on Earth was powerful and earnest.

The choreography was slick and tight and at times added to the humour of the tale.  The set design was simple and worked well to add to the atmosphere of the production, whilst the costuming was elaborately stunning and true to the era.

The car materialising out of cane baskets during the number Get Up and Go was entertaining and clever, whilst the ensemble of male sheep on all fours during Mad About You was hilariously funny.

With hit songs from The Go-Go’s, this juke box musical is full of fun and laughs set against a moral tale of love and acceptance. Head Over Heels will have you leaving the theatre feeling good and hopeful about life and love.

Head Over Heels: The Musical
Roundhouse Theatre, Bradford Street, Mount Lawley (Perth)
Performance: Saturday 8 June 2024
Season continues to 13 June 2024
Information and Bookings: www.waapa.ecu.edu.au

Image: The Cast of Head Over Heels: The Musical – photo by Stephen Heath

Review: Craig Dalglish