Hachette Australia to publish John Farnham memoir The Voice Inside

Hachette Australia The Voice Inside John FarnhamHachette Australia and Talentworks are proud to announce the upcoming publication of The Voice Inside – the long-awaited memoir from Australia’s greatest and most beloved music icon, John Farnham AO.

Written in partnership with Poppy Stockell, the award-winning writer and director of the critically acclaimed Farnham biopic Finding the Voice (2023), The Voice Inside charts Farnham’s very personal and public journey, told in his own words and with his inimitable humour, insight, and humility.

From a childhood in Melbourne through to pop stardom in the 1960s; the critical success enjoyed with the release of Whispering Jack (1986), which remains to this day the highest-selling Australian album ever; and a decades-long touring career, the John Farnham story is, at first glance, one filled with remarkable highs.

It is, however, so much more than that. It is the story of the resilience Farnham found as his stellar career stalled, record companies turned their backs, and he faced financial ruin. It is the story of triumph over adversity after a devastating diagnosis of mouth cancer in 2022, only months after the death of long-time friend and manager Glenn Wheatley.

Throughout a lifetime filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, Farnham has remained steadfast, never losing his unique musical talent, his creative strength, nor his powerful ability to make human connections through his music.

“Having been asked many times, it finally felt like the right time to sit down and tell my story. It is a very strange feeling looking back on my life, on the good and the bad, and now that I have started, it is all rushing back. I hope the book engages and entertains, because that’s what so much of my life has been about,” said John Farnham.

“Working with John on his memoir has been like sitting down with an old friend, who also happens to be an absolute legend, to share stories that are both deeply personal and wildly entertaining,” said Poppy Stockell.

“His resilience and sense of humour shine through every recollection, making this project a genuine reflection of the man behind the music. It’s been a joy to help bring his tales to life, and I can’t wait for readers to get an unfettered glimpse of the man whose music is the soundtrack to so many of our lives,” said Stockell.

“Like so many Australians, I am a huge fan of John Farnham’s. His talent is legendary, and his resilience in a tough industry is inspiring. However, we didn’t really know the battles, the hard times or the depths of who John really is,” said Vanessa Radnidge, Head of Literary at Hachette Australia.

“And now he is sharing his life, his memories and what defined him. My colleagues and I are so proud to help John publish his memoir, and I know I am one of many who can’t wait to get to know the voice inside this iconic and much-loved Australian,” said Radnidge.

The Voice Inside by John Farnham with Poppy Stockell will be published in all formats in November 2024. For more information, visit: www.hachette.com.au for details.

Image: The Voice Inside – courtesy of Hachette Australia