Guy Montgomery By Name, Guy Montgomery By Nature

MICF-Guy-MontgomeryOne nice innovation introduced for MICF 2022 is Mitsubishi Tix. You pay $20.00 for a ticket (certain dates for particular acts, from a quite broad selection), and the sponsor pays the act an extra $10.00.

Audiences get more encouragement to take a punt on an unknown, comedians get more punters, and (potentially) everyone wins. I took the chance to bring a guest to Guy Montgomery By Name, Guy Montgomery By Nature.

The vague title and MICF guide blurb for this Kiwi comic’s show absolutely reek of procrastination. (And Montgomery admitted he hadn’t done so much in the past two years.)

Yet, great cameos on past MICF galas and similar, and his eccentric turn on New Zealand’s version of the physical-challenge-based TV show Taskmaster, gave us confidence that Montgomery would do well with a whole hour.

Montgomery is now 33, and has seen some of the world. His show has a loose theme, somewhat inspired (but not dominated) by pandemic events. He’s been thinking about how to live a better life.

We began with Montgomery flashing his characteristic toothy smile, advising: “This is a very silly show” – this is certainly proven by his various bits, such as those on his plan to eat more healthily, why he can’t give up dairy, and the perils of nature rambles as a therapeutic activity.

The venue was a moderately sized room on the first floor of an international hotel, filled with punters. There’s no video or props, but the room still laughed regularly at anecdotes with zany twists.

It’s difficult to recall all the odd thoughts in this confidently delivered show, but you will certainly get the memorable level of silliness Montgomery promised.

At time of writing, Mitsubishi Tix are available for the shows on Wednesday 20 April (9.00pm) and Sun 24 April (8.00pm). Fans looking for a late (10:45pm) Friday show might also like to check out Guy Montgomery’s Spelling Bee with a varying line-up of comedian contestants.

Guy Montgomery By Name, Guy Montgomery By Nature
The Westin One – The Victoria Hotel, 205 Collins Street, Melbourne
Performance: Wednesday 13 April 2022 – 9.00pm
Season continues to 24 April 2022 (The Victoria Hotel – Saturday 23 April: 5.00pm)
Information and Bookings:

Image: Guy Montgomery (supplied)

Review: Jason Whyte