Guillaume Dillée: Paris-Melbourne

Guillaume-Dillée-Four-Elements-Beachside-HouseRenowned French artist Guillaume Dillée’s not-to-be-missed exhibition, Paris-Melbourne, is set to be a mesmerising and intricate visual experience, driven by his migration to a new land.

Born in Paris in 1966, Guillaume Dillée followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps to become a renowned art advisor to a range of world-famous museums, art galleries and private collectors.

After almost four decades immersed at the top of the art world in Europe and beyond, Dillée migrated to Australia with his wife Sylvie and five young sons.

“Observing paintings of the old masters, the lines of the Asian printmakers and classic drawings, inspired my artistic future, which I have realised living in Melbourne,” said Dillée.

Falling for our country and culture, Dillée was inspired to put his perspectives on canvas. His work merges a unique painting technique, incorporating the natural and traditional built environments.

“I have found myself seduced by the natural beauty and unique culture of Australia. I believe it is the most environmentally diverse continent in the world, which has fired my imagination and informed my work for this exhibition,” said Dillée.

Influenced by 17th-century Flemmish painters’ perspectives, Chinese and Japanese artists and impressionist colours, Dillée’s work incorporates his unique perspective including multiple planes and delicate brushwork.

Dillée’s pieces exhibit a unique artistic talent and combine imagined, iconic and real landscapes of bold pigments, materiality and textures.

“I am delighted to be holding my first Australian exhibition in summer on the much-loved Mornington Peninsula,” said Dillée.

Guillaume Dillée: Paris Melbourne
Merricks House Art Gallery, 3460 Frankston-Flinders Road, Merricks (Mornington Peninsula)
Exhibition continues to 6 March 2022
Free entry

For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: Guillaume Dillée, Four Elements Beachside House, Mixed Media Techniques: Inks Acrylics Enamel Vitrail Pastel Coloured pencils Markers, 183cm x 92cm – courtesy of the Artist