malthouse-theatre-gonzo-photo-by-sarah-walkerPorn, it’s nothing new, but once upon a time you had to work much harder to get it. Promising to be Malthouse Theatre’s most talked about show in 2016, Gonzo is about teenagers and porn.

A co-production with St Martins Youth Arts Centre, Gonzo has been developed from interviews with anonymous boys aged 12 to 18 – who have shared their personal experiences with and their relationship to internet porn.

These usually behind closed door revelations will be played out by actors Ari Maza Long, Sam Nugent, Jack Palit, Sol Rumble on Malthouse Theatre’s Beckett stage. Divulging alarming and uncensored perspectives, this is a show that will peel back the covers and delve into a squeamish but long overdue conversation about how internet porn is affecting adolescent boys.

The reality is that young people are being exposed to online porn and while the media covers statistics, the physiological and psychological effects this might have, it would seem that no one has ever spoken directly to these adolescents to ask their opinion. For the very first time, Gonzo is giving a voice to previously unheard, albeit central participants in the conversation.

“The process of developing this work has highlighted the extreme level of shame and taboo associated with porn,” says Director Clare Watson. “As a society we seem poised to hit the moral panic button and the common cry is what about the children?Gonzo aims to promote inter generational conversation and demonstrate that the children have the capacity, literacy and eloquence to lead this conversation. We just need to be prepared to listen.”

An integral part of the Melbourne theatre community, St. Martins has spent over 30 years making thought proving work for adult audiences performed by a cast of young performers. They are renowned for creating work that asks their audience to take the voices and talents of children seriously in order to question themselves as the hierarchal power-holders.

Concept & Direction: Clare Watson Performers: Helen Corday, Ari Maza Long, Sam Nugent, Jack Palit, Sol Rumble, Gala Vanting Video Design: Michael Carmody Sound Design: Russell Goldsmith Lighting Design: Richard Vabre Costumes: Maima Massaquoi Set Design: Clare Watson & Stewart Campbell Dramaturg: Gala Vanting Technical Managers: Filament Design Stage Manager: Tom Webster Secondment: Alyssa Hall

Beckett Theatre – The Coopers Malthouse, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank
Season: 22 September – 1 October 2016
Information and Bookings: www.malthousetheatre.com.au

Image: Sol Rumble, Ari Maza Long, Sam Nugent and Jack Palit feature in Gonzo – photo by Sarah Walker