Gone Girls

Gone-Girls-Patrick-Livesey-and-Annabel-Larcombe-photo-by-Jacinta-OatenStrutting down the halls of Parliament, brimming with potential and a zest to change the establishment (or just to play the game), two formidable women carve out very different political careers.

Gone Girls deliciously weaves political satire and hilarious whimsy to investigate just what made these two women rise to the top and fall even faster – after navigating the misogyny, classism, brutal public opinion and their own insecurities.

Patrick Livesey & Annabel Larcombe take on dual roles as writer and performers and it is very obvious from the start that they are connected and invested in these two women and their political history.

The script is witty, smart, intriguing and leaves both performers room to improvise and play – both with the audience and each other.

As performers, Livesey and Larcombe embody their characters with playful glee, sending both women up with cliché movements and mannerisms but never at their expense.

There are times however, when both performers feel a little disconnected or apathetic during the work. Middling energy, clunky pace and a sluggish back and forth did leave the work feeling very one note.

The design of the work was a distinct let down, giving nothing to the work overall and exposing a missed opportunity to lift the production and strengthen the script’s satire and fantastical elements.

When it worked in sync, the projector provided a welcome and creative break from the structure of the work and allowed the opportunity for footage of the actual individuals to display their most well known and famous political moments.

There is a great deal of potential in Gone Girls that just isn’t reached in this iteration – a lack of growth, opportunity and external collaboration leaves the work without the elevation needed to make it a truly great satirical production.

Gone Girls
Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham Street, Albert Park
Performance: Thursday 28 July 2022
Season continues to 6 August 2022
Information and Bookings: www.gasworks.org.au

Image: Patrick Livesey and Annabel Larcombe feature in Gone Girls – photo by Jacinta Oaten

Review: Gavin Roach