Golden Blood

GRIFFIN-Charles-Wu-and-Merlynn-Tong-in-Golden-Blood-photo-by-Brett-BoardmanIn a plush penthouse in Singapore, two siblings try to find common ground after the death of their mother.

Now orphaned and left to their own devices, Girl and Boy dig deep and rely on their street smart wits to hold onto their life of luxury – no matter what the cost.

As the years swirl by, Boy and Girl swindle and scheme to survive Singapore’s streets, nightclubs, underground gangs, ponzi schemes and each other, all the while naively clinging to their hopes of a better future.

Merlynn Tong has expertly crafted a world of intrigue and suspense, slowly simmering the story with a masterful restraint before allowing it to boil over. Tong’s ability to create a grounded reality in a somewhat fantastical world is utterly awe inspiring.

Nothing seems unbelievable with Tong at the helm, with the core of the writing solely fixed on the sibling bond and the ways in which it evolves over time.

Merlynn Tong and Charles Wu could not be more perfectly cast – each moment they are on stage feels genuine and spontaneous as they traverse the world unfolding before them.

With unbridled chemistry and talent, Tong and Wu cleverly construct characters that are naive, funny, likeable, intolerable, cunning and wholesome, and often all at once.

Tessa Leong keeps the chaos in line with a fast paced, creative and cheeky style – seamlessly guiding the story through the fantastical, the bitter realities and the confronting truths found in the world of Golden Blood.

Leong brings a masterful talent to the floor, using every inch of the space, reining in the performers to keep the wheels of the story turning and keeping the audience on their toes with unexpected twists and surprises.

Michael Hankin’s set and Fausto Brusamolino’s lighting complement each other and the story, expertly bouncing around Singapore with a golden glow that distracts from a seedy world lurking below.

Golden Blood is nothing short of a fantastically crafted work of theatre by spectacularly talented artists, that should (or must) be shared with audiences far and wide.

Golden Blood
SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross (Sydney)
Performance: Saturday 9 July 2022
Season continues to 30 July 2022
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Image: Charles Wu and Merlynn Tong in Golden Blood – photo by Brett Boardman

Review: Gavin Roach