Glass Doors

Glass Doors_Elaine Miles_Adrian LanderElaine Miles and Adrian Lander collaborate to present contemporary glass installation and photography in an exhibition titled Glass Doors for the Inaugural Opening of the Grey Area Gallery. Together they explore elements of object and image in order to challenge the everyday perception of what one might ordinarily expect from hand blown glass and where you might normally find it placed.

Glass Doors is an exploration of a whimsical nature where fragile hand crafted glass sits alongside readymade doors, placed within an elaborate decorative and photographic environment. The view of the camera shows a similar display to one you might find within a home magazine but from a haunting perspective. The old farmhouse doors themselves carry a phenomenological history of memories with them, including that they once were within the homestead of Lord Casey (who was the Governor General from 5 years from 1965) and his wife Lady Casey (artist, author and aviator).

Utilizing Elaine Miles’ massive private collection of her Italian Style Glass objects that she has created over the last two decades, this exhibition is inspired by Joseph Kosuth’s exploration of objects, images and text and Duchamp’s Readmade objects and doors in Art.  Lander brings his unique lighting perspective and photographic flair to not only document Elaine’s installations but to exhibit these as photographic prints that are themselves artworks that showcase where the glass has been installed over the last year in contrast to where the glass currently sits.

Elaine and Adrian first collaborated for a group exhibition at PIN-UP Gallery in 2013. Since then they have been experimenting with placing fragile glass in precarious and slightly haunting and unrealistic situations, both domestic as well as in landscapes.

Lining the gallery walls are photographic images. Centrally and cascading across the floor Elaine’s latest large scale installation; a lavish mass of glass, succulents, flowers and fragments of the historic doors emanates with an overwhelming fragrance within the gallery. The outcome of the collaboration at times appear to be ominous catastrophes that make domestic spaces awkward and dysfunctional. At times the glass appears to be a decorative addition to outdoor spaces but with an unforgettable sense of fragility within the environment.

The viewer is challenged to consider which has more impact – the effect of the real object that can be touched, smelt and moved around – or the representation via photographic image that captures evidence and the story of where the objects were placed.   The artworks and photographs become increasingly absurd and precarious.

The Grey Area is an independent exhibition and project space. Just off Smith Street, The Grey Area is located at the ‘Paris end’ of Collingwood, one of Melbourne’s most vibrant creative precincts. The Inaugural Opening of The Grey Area will be launched with its first exhibition – Glass Doors by Elaine Miles and Adrian Lander on Thursday 11 June – 6.00pm

Glass Doors
The Grey Area, 2-4 Mason Street, Collingwood (just off Smith Street)
Exhibition: 11 – 14 June 2015
Free entry

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Image: courtesy of Adrian Lander and Dr Elaine Miles.

Article: courtesy of the artist, Dr Elaine Miles –