Genuinely Impossible

The Butterfly Club Lawson ReevesBig Brothers’ magician, Lawson Reeves has launched his first ever solo stage show Genuinely Impossible as part of The Butterfly Club’s 2018 summer curated season.

Lawson has always been a performer but fell in love with magic as a child when his brother’s friend showed him a coin trick. He can still remember the amazement he felt from something so simple. Witnessing something that seemed impossible right before his very eyes. Witnessing the impossible is what first attracted Lawson to magic.

There is an explanation for most things these days but Lawson has been caught up on the kind of magic that has no explanation, the kind of magic that is “Genuinely Impossible.”

Genuinely Impossible is a night of sleight of hand, misdirection and effects that leave the audience astonished with no other answer, but magic. Lawson takes his audience on a journey back to that first moment he saw magic and recreates the feeling of wonder and astonishment he felt, for his audience. Planting the idea that perhaps nothing is impossible.

Drawing on his life experiences that have been genuinely impossible and creates effects that relate through the use of storytelling, misdirection and a certain level of skill, Lawson said “He wanted to create a magic show that made people laugh and had them scratching their heads saying “how the f**k did he do that?”

Using his quick wit, improvisational skills, sarcasm, dry humour and showmanship to bring audiences a magic show the likes they have never seen, Lawson’s relaxed, genuine approach to magic has his audiences in a false sense of security from the very beginning allowing for a night of the Genuinely Impossible.

Lawson is best known for his run on the 2014 season of Big Brother. Being christened the ‘Big Brother magician’, he performed weekly for hundreds of thousands of people on national TV. After being the most talked about Big Brother housemate, Lawson went on to break a Guinness world record for his part in the world’s longest magic show lasting 85 hours.

Genuinely Impossible
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season continues to 14 January 2018
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Image: Lawson Reeves (supplied)