Zindzi Okenyo, Georgia Scott (c) Helen White“But what about the children?” those in ardent disapproval of the marriage equality debate wail. “Everyone needs a Mum and a Dad.” If you couldn’t figure out that this is a rubbish argument already, seeing Gaybies will do the trick.

In Dean Bryant’s Gaybies, we meet 22 people with gay parents who tell us their stories – verbatim. Guess what? They’re all adorable as children and rebellious as teenagers and insightful as adults. They’re all happy and confused and angry and joyous and kind and compassionate and have big hearts. Just like every other human being.

You wouldn’t think that in the 21st Century any of this would come as a surprise but considering we still live in a country where gay marriage isn’t legal… well, the need for a show like Gaybies has never been more apparent.

What a heart-warming night of theatre Gaybies is. Writer and director Dean Bryant has done an admirable, praise-worthy job compiling stories from around Australia and packing them into a comprehensible 90-minute show.

His ensemble cast are equally commendable as each pick up and play with multiple characters beautifully. To choose standouts among such a strong cast is tough but Sheridan Harbridge and Georgia Scott shine brightest with their on-point, humorous characterisations.

Gaybies comes highly recommended first and foremost for its educational value. The best theatre educates and makes you better understand that which isn’t in your direct line of experience. Gaybies is also simply enjoyable theatrical entertainment with funny stories and good acting and lovable characters.

Thank you Darlinghurst Theatre Company for giving this show another life (post it’s Melbourne premiere two years ago). I hope it tours nationally to every corner of Australia.

Eternity Playhouse, 39 Burton Street, Darlinghurst
Performance: Wednesday 11 February 2015 – 8.00pm
Season continues to 8 March 2015
Bookings: (02) 8356 9987 or online at:

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Zindzi Okenyo and Georgia Scott in Gaybies – photo by Helen White

Review: Maryann Wright

Maryann Wright is a performer and writer. She has a Diploma of Musical Theatre from Brent Street and a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) from The University of Sydney. Recent performance credits include Heart of a Dog (Australian premiere), Carrie (Squabbalogic) and Urinetown (Brent Street). Journalism credits include The Guardian, and Girlfriend Magazine.