Gavin Brown – Market Market

Gavin Brown Market MarketGavin Brown’s latest exhibition was inspired by a trip to the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Cambodia in February 2016.  Initially lured by the temples of Angkor Wat nearby the wonderful town of Siem Reap, Brown took several days out to visit the sleepy colonial town of Battambang in search of textiles and other crafts.

Naturally heading to the local market place to see what wares where available, Brown became enthralled by sights and scents of the hot and wet market.  Asian markets are always a place of wonderment and discovery, and this one in particular held a rhythm of pattern, colour and scent all of its own.

Brown was compelled to capture and record what he was discovering.  The artful way all of the myriad goods were displayed and the cheerful banter between the stallholders with each other as well as their customers, contributed to the exciting feel of the market.

Cambodia, like the rest of the developing world, is forever evolving. Refrigeration, supermarkets and convenience stores are altering the way we shop and live.  Brown was revelling in the energy and community of the market that he sensed at this very time, knowing that it will eventually change.

With over 25 solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, Gavin Brown’s work is held in collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), The Powerhouse (Sydney), and the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne).

Brown has recently been featured in several national and international publications including The Cool Hunter, The Design Files, UK’s Idol Magazine and Romanian magazine, LUXERY.

Market Market
fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Exhibition continues to 29 April 2017
Free admission

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Images: Gavin Brown, Rice Seller, 2016, oil on canvas, 910 x 1220mm; Vegetable Seller in Red, 2016, oil on canvas, 1220 x 1520mm; Fruit Stall, 2016, oil on canvas, 910 x 1220mm