Garbage Trash

MFF23-Garbage-Trash-Ellen-Mahoney-photo-by-Nick-RobertsonA pop culture explosion that blows patriarchal standards out of the water, Ellen Mahoney is making her debut at the 2023 Melbourne Fringe Festival with her brand-new show, Garbage Trash at Theory Bar this October.

While Ellen’s feminist roots run deep, she couldn’t resist the allure of love and the romantic narratives of pop culture. Consuming copious amounts of rom-coms and relationship gossip, she found herself longing for love, hoping to find her own storybook ending.

In the face of adversity, Ellen found the strength to survive and emerge as a beacon of resilience and empowerment. Now, armed with her experiences and a newfound determination, Ellen fearlessly uses her voice to shed light on the prevalent issues of sexism that persist in our society.

With her signature brand of silly jokes about the men she’s encountered, she fearlessly confronts the deep-rooted sexism that affects us all.

Why do women work so hard to fit into a palatable mould created for them by Hollywood men? And why did society as a whole criticise Christina Aguilera when she made her X-Tina debut, even though we all know the song Dirrrty is an absolute banger?

These are the questions that Ellen is wildly unqualified to answer, but she’s also not qualified to rap or attempt to perform the dance in the WAP music video, and it’s never stopped her before.

Garbage Trash
Theory Bar, 19 – 23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne
Season continues to 22 October 2023
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Image: Ellen Mahoney – photo by Nick Robertson

Disclaimer: In this show, Ellen reclaims language formerly used to denigrate women who embrace their sexuality, and sex workers. Ellen does not condone any narrative which demonises sex work.