Garbage Trash

MFF23-Garbage-Trash-Ellen-Mahoney-photo-by-Nick-RobertsonEllen Mahoney is a bling-blinger. As in, she’s a hip-hopper with status. She’s also a comic with cred.

She explodes onto the stage with a catchy song, part lip-synced, part spoken/sung comedy. She’s dolled up with makeup and a pink evening dress (sorry, I’m stretching the limits of my knowledge of haute couture). Around her neck are not one but two sparkling gold necklaces with dollar signs — I can only describe them as ‘bling.’

As Garbage Trash continues, Ellen intersperses well-known modern hip-hop and pop songs with stand-up comedy. For her material, Ellen draws on her interest in the gap between the pop culture version of romance and reality.

Ellen brands herself as a ‘pop culture specialist’ on her Insta. From that description and the promo photo for this show, I didn’t know what to expect. (Is there a standard for what to expect from a photo shot from behind of a woman in black and hot pink leather chaps?)

What I didn’t expect is that Ellen is not only funny, she’s extremely likeable. She’s someone you could imagine grabbing a drink with to talk about the vicissitudes of being single and dating.

Without leaving their seats, the audience embraced her. She had everyone laughing, and at times, she had the women whooping their approval.

I think this show will appeal to women needing a good laugh, most of all. And also, as Ellen calls them, ‘queens,’ as her humour is dead fabulous. Garbage Trash can be summed up in two words: badda bing!

Garbage Trash
Theory Bar, 19 – 23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne
Performance: Thursday 19 October 2023

Image: Ellen Mahoney – photo by Nick Robertson

Review: Daniel G. Taylor