Game Show

Game ShowWhat would you do to win?  Does what we risk determine what we value?  Will the winner really take all?  From the creators of Fun Run, Game Show examines one man’s desperate pursuit of fame and his personal sacrifice for a chance at the big time.

The second work in The Coming Out Trilogy, Game Show fuses game play, moral dilemmas and live cinema in a critique on celebrity, materialism and competition. A large scale showbiz spectacle, featuring glitter cannons, bright lights and an exciting array of collaborators, including Jonathon Welsh and THE CHO!R and The Bodyelectric Dancers.

Join Game Show host Tristan Meecham each night as 50 contestants with no performance experience compete live for the chance to win a grand showcase of prizes: Meecham’s very own possessions – his fridge, his eczema cream, his plasma television, his CD collection and more!

Meecham explains that in a lot of game shows, people participate because they want to win: “The money is good but there is a sense of wanting to win, as a separate kind of objective.”

“Even some of the campier, old format game shows, where you play for a blender, people get disconnected from the prize element and become abstractly engaged with the process itself and getting to the end, and eventually forget about the blender.”

Game Show will straddle the grand, the ridiculous and the absolutely impossible, and is being presented as part of the 2014 Festival of Live Art (FOLA) at Arts House from 19 – 22 March. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: by Jeff Busby – design by Chris More