Funding for cultural exhibitions to tour Australia

HYPERCLAY Contemporary Ceramics Andrea Hylands, New Warriors, 2011The Australian Government has announced more than $1.6 million to develop and tour cultural exhibitions to 76 venues across Australia through the Visions of Australia program.

The funding will support seven touring exhibitions which include a look at the history of medicine at sea from the 18th century and an exhibition highlighting contemporary work from three Indigenous art centres in the Tiwi Islands. Funding will also support the development of two exhibitions based on the popular television series Bush Mechanics and hand made craft practices in Australia.

The funded projects will reach more than 76 venues, 49 of which are in regional and remote locations, showcasing the cultural diversity and creativity of Australia. The projects represent the strong cultural and community partnerships, ensuring the success of these exhibitions, as well as the private sector support which has helped to bring these projects to fruition.

Many partnerships, such as that between the Western Australian Museum and the Yawuru Aboriginal people of West Kimberley to explore Australia’s pearling story, will create long lasting benefits including professional development opportunities and curatorial exchange.

Through the Visions of Australia program, audiences have the opportunity to engage with stories and collections from across Australia and across our history. For more information, and the full list of funding recipients, visit: for details.

Image: HYPERCLAY: Contemporary Ceramics. Andrea Hylands, New Warriors, 2011.