Frontier Touring and Chugg Entertainment announce joint venture

Michael Chugg, Susan Heymann and Michael Gudinski - photo by Justin MaMichael Gudinski and Michael Chugg have announced an exclusive joint venture between Frontier Touring and Chugg Entertainment that will see the two reunited in business once again, exactly 20 years since parting ways in 1999 and 40 years since founding the Frontier business together in 1979.

The two promoters have accumulated decades of touring expertise and will unite together again with the shared independent spirit, determination and tenacity that has seen their respective businesses put Australian and New Zealand touring and festivals on the world stage.

The joint venture will see Frontier Touring and Chugg Entertainment join forces as co-promoters on all Chugg Entertainment tours, effective from 1 April 2019.

Alongside the new joint venture, Frontier will also join Chugg Entertainment and Potts Entertainment as a partner in the incredibly successful country music festival CMC Rocks QLD.  The 2019 event was held in Ipswich in mid-March, with a sell-out crowd for the fourth year running and a daily attendance of 24,000.

Susan Heymann will continue as Managing Director of Chugg Entertainment, reporting to Michael Gudinski and Michael Chugg on all Frontier/Chugg Entertainment joint ventures. Susan brings an extensive wealth of experience to Australasia’s leading group of entertainment brands, with over 15 years of experience in touring. Staff from the live division of Chugg Entertainment will integrate with the Frontier team to deliver Chugg Entertainment/Frontier co-promotes.

“Michael and I have been in and out of business together for almost half a century and we’ve both seen a lot change in that time,” said Gudinski. “There’s no doubt that live touring in Australasia is undergoing its biggest transition ever and we’re both equally passionate about ensuring we continue to set the bar for touring down under.

“Chuggi and Susan have built a great team that punches above their weight and I’m excited about what the Chugg and Frontier teams can achieve together.”

Michael Gudinski and Michael Chugg have been long time friends, business partners and competitors for close to 50 years. They formed Frontier Touring back in 1979 and have since had a long and rich history bringing world class tours to Australia and New Zealand together and independently since Chugg went out on his own in 1999.

Despite being competitors for 20 years, Chugg and Gudinski have continued to share similar beliefs and business practices, with both Frontier Touring and Chugg Entertainment passionate and proud of their artist and fan first approaches to business, as well as their proactive anti-scalping and anti-discount ticketing policies. Notably, both have been fundamental in driving slated Government anti-scalping reform in both Australia and New Zealand.

Frontier Touring and Chugg Entertainment have lately each enjoyed some of their most successful years ever and the decision to join forces was born of a desire to present a powerful, united and strategic promoting front that offers artists a first class, professional and considered touring experience.

Bringing Chugg Entertainment under the Mushroom Group umbrella ensures Frontier Touring and the Mushroom Group benefit from specialised areas, in particular Chugg Entertainment’s strong presence and expertise in the country music genre. Likewise, Frontier and the Mushroom Group offer Chugg Entertainment a world class level of resources and opportunities that will allow a greater platform for business growth and development.

“Chugg Entertainment has had an incredible run of late and it’s the perfect time for us to take this step to strengthen our place in the market and keep growing while the industry changes and evolves,” said Chugg. “Michael and I share so much history and so many stories, it feels right for us to move forward into the future with Frontier Touring. We both love to wind it up and fight the good fight, we’re going to be louder and prouder together. Look out!”

“Frontier Touring has established itself as one of the most powerful promoters in the world and has a proven track record of delivering successful tours, time and again,” said Susan Heymann. “With all that knowledge and experience, as well as the other music businesses in the Mushroom Group to lean on and collaborate with, I’m excited to see what the Chugg Entertainment and Frontier Touring teams can accomplish together.”

Frontier Touring and Chugg Entertainment both secured Top 20 spots in the 2018 Billboard End of Year Top Promoters Chart, with global positions of #3 and #16 respectively. For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: Michael Chugg, Susan Heymann and Michael Gudinski – photo by Justin Ma