Fringe World: They’ve Already Won

Harriet Gillies and Pierce Wilcox features in They’ve Already Won - photo by Jack TooheyTheatre can be one of the many ways to escape reality and divulge ourselves into a new world away from our own. In some cases, however, this is not always achieved, and instead of whisking us away, insists on plunging us further down the rabbit hole to send sharp, confronting messages about our lives and the way we live them. But sometimes there comes a show that does this with such aggressive kindness and cynical empathy that it works on every conceivable level.

They’ve Already Won is a hilariously nihilistic perception of a technologically infatuated generation and the superficial demise of humanity as we know it. It’s not futuristic, or fictional, but rather conveys hard-hitting truths about our ever growing quests for validation, the extents of activism and our addiction to memes.

The show is dark and gritty, yet delightful and optimistic. As our performers wrestle with the inevitability of death and the meaninglessness of existence, it becomes apparent that this show is a love letter to all things millennial. Being born into a world on the brink of destruction can hardly set one’s expectations high for the future, and They’ve Already Won delivers this mentality with heartbreaking perfection.

The show provides social commentary in the most accessible, relatable and consumable way possible: humour. The comedy within this show ranges from elaborately eloquent but fantastically funny speeches, to simply lying on the floor in a pool of champagne sobbing to Taylor Swift.

The performers, Pierce Wilcox and Harriet Gillies, share exceptional chemistry onstage and bounce off each others ideas seamlessly, perfecting both scripted and improvised moments. The duo guides us through a series of social, political and economical issues, opening the floor, on a few occasions, to the audience.

While this may seem like a potential serious situation, void of comedic potential, the sensitive subjects are handled with irrefutable passion and energy, resulting in an absolute spiral of hilarity. Stop whatever you’re doing, and see They’ve Already Won – it’s an experience you shan’t regret, nor forget.

They’ve Already Won
The Blue Room Theatre, 53 James Street, Northbridge (Perth)
Performance: Wednesday 15 February 2017 – 7.30pm
Season continues to Saturday 18 February 2017
Information and Bookings: or

Image: Harriet Gillies and Pierce Wilcox feature in They’ve Already Won – photo by Jack Toohey

Review: Peri Watson