Finding a Copywriter for your Arts Website

AAR CopywritingCopywriting services are very much in demand these days, and since freelance writers provide the flexibility, scalability and breadth of experience necessary for a lot of writing jobs, this is no surprise. You might already be sold on the idea of hiring a freelance copywriter to help boost your sales or improve your company’s image.

But finding the right freelance writer can be a daunting experience if it’s your first time. It’s hard to find someone you can trust anonymously online; and there’s no doubt that the internet is abound with frauds and less than competent writers. But there are also some fantastic copywriters out there, and by following a few rules, you can make certain of finding them.

Finding a Freelance Copywriter with a Good Portfolio
Finding a freelance copywriter can be stressful. How do you know if you can trust a writer you’ve sourced on the web? You might find yourself in the position of deciding whether to hire someone based merely on an online profile and a few brief communications.

If you take someone on with no prior communication or experience of their work with arts businesses, then you always run the risk of being less than satisfied with the finished product. This is why it is so important to gain some insight into what they’ve produced in the past, even if it is not first hand. You should hire a freelance copywriter with an extensive portfolio of their previous copywriting work.

If you can see samples of their work for yourself, you will be able to rest easy, knowing that the copywriting service they provide is up to your standards. A portfolio allows you to judge whether or not this is a competent and skilled copywriter. Things to look for include a range of styles and audiences, which will demonstrate their ability to tailor their writing to their client’s needs, whether you sell pieces of art from different artists, you produce bespoke work, or you have any other type of art business.

A large portfolio is also an indicator of a breadth of experience. If for instance, you need a website copywriting service, check for samples of written website copy in their portfolio. In short, if they can demonstrate they’ve written for a range of clients and audiences; and in an array of areas from brochure copywriting to email writing, then you can be confident that you are onto a winner. A portfolio allows you to see the quality of their work before you buy.

Testimonials for a Copywriting Service
Having a great portfolio is important when looking at professional copywriting services, as it will allow you to see for yourself whether or not you like the writer’s work. But just as important, if not more so, is testimonials from other clients, especially those in the international ecommerce sector for the arts industry. This will not only tell you about the quality of the work itself, but also how your intended copywriter operates.

Being able to deliver a great piece of work is obviously the most important demand you will have of your copywriter. But you should also look for an individual who is efficient, easy to work with, responsive to suggestions and who works well towards deadlines. Most good copywriters will have a page of testimonials, or a range of reviews which can testify to the quality of their work and the service they provide.

When looking for copywriting services for your arts business, try to find a copywriter with testimonials from named clients, preferably giving their position at the company they work for. Online copywriting services depend upon the good reviews of clients, and a large body of praise online is a sign that you have yourself a well-respected and quality copywriter.

Once you have been able to see their work for yourself, and have been able to hear testimony from other clients, you should feel more confident about working with your new copywriter. Most of the time, quality speaks for itself.

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