Joshua Fielding – EYES

Joshua Fielding EyeFrom the stark to the whimsical, EYES – a new exhibition by Melbourne artist and performer Joshua Fielding at Gallery Voltaire, explores vision in all of its forms.

Featuring the work in 3 series – Pupils, Metamorphosis and Dark Phoenix, Fielding explains the inspiration behind EYES as “our entire universe is merged by the way we think. Our thoughts structure the base of who we are and our experiences build from that.”

“When thoughts become reality, this is called the law of attraction and this energy is like a magnet. Whatever you choose to show the world is exactly what you attract. So put simply, life is only what you choose to see,” says Fielding.

The EYES series consist of colorful imagery with a back story to each piece that is brought forward through the importance of eyes as the main focal point and the use of strong colour to express deep emotive meanings of self-possession, mental duality, frustration, confusion, change and redemption.

Originally from South Australia and now living in Melbourne, Fielding describes his art as a form of social connection. He emerged in the wake of the influence of his first primary school art teacher in a small informal and poorly resourced art class. There he absorbed an acute attention to form, colour and shape using an array of mediums. His favourite medium remains oil on canvas.

An accomplished dancer and musical theatre performer, Fielding is heavily involved in the performing and visual arts scene with invitations to design and paint large murals and scenery for the National Theatre productions and his company’s studios.

Recent commissions include: 20Blue, Pop Art, and Alaska oil on canvas works for private collectors. Fielding’s exhibition, EMERGE was held in an open corporate space in Melbourne’s CBD in November, 2013. He has also exhibited as a solo visual artist for RAWARTS: AWAKENING and was a finalist for the Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award in 2014.

Joshua Fielding – EYES
Gallery Voltaire, 14 Raglan Street, North Melbourne
Exhibition: 10 – 17 April 2016
Free admission

For more information, visit: eyeflygalleries or for details.

Image: Joshua Fielding, EYES (detail) – courtesy of the artist