2 Peas_EdmondConsidered one of David Mamet’s most divisive plays, you will either love or hate Edmond – but you will never forget him, playing at the Old 505 Theatre for a limited season from 15 July 2015.

An impulse visit to a fortune teller on his way home from work stirs Edmond to abandon his meaningless middle class existence, lurching himself into a free falling quest for self-discovery.

But the streets are dark. The hookers charge cash money, the peddlers push hard and there’s a guy on every corner working an angle. A fairy tale; a myth about modern life, Edmond is the portrait of the everyman, swept away by events beyond his control, and paying the consequences for those within it.

When asked why they chose Edmond as their first scripted production not written by either founding member of the company, Two Peas said, “Mamet is one of our favourite writers, and Edmond is a work complete with all the qualities there are to love about his work: sharp dialogue, razor wit, incredible characters and honest truths, but it also comes with all the things that many dislike about his work: foul language, raging machismo, misogyny and bigoted tirade.”

“It’s only been performed a handful of times and it’s often been criticised as being one of Mamet’s less impressive works, but we think that many people have missed the point of it. Edmond is a morality play, designed to ridicule our own personal discomfort. We love it, and we welcome the possibility that some of our audiences might not.”

Edmond will be a swan song production for cast member Naomi Livingstone who, in August this year, will travel to New York to study at David Mamet’s own drama school, Atlantic, where she has been given a two year scholarship.

“You are not where you belong. It is perhaps true that none of us are, but in your case this is more true than in most.”

Director: Glen Hamilton  Featuring: Tara Clark, Cheyne Fynn, Naomi Livingstone and Oleg Pupovac.

Old 505 Theatre, 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
Season: 15 – 26 July 2015
Bookings: www.thetwopeas.com

For more information, visit: www.thetwopeas.com for details.

Image: courtesy of Two Peas