Eco whale empowers kids to make a difference!

AAR Born in a Taxi The Whale's TaleWith only five days until voting closes in the Victorian Government’s Pick My Project initiative on Monday 17 September, voting for Born in a Taxi’s The Whale’s Tale will deliver an inspiring program of 50 free shows with sustainability outcomes across schools and public events.

The Whale’s Tale is a highly engaging work for young people delivering a message of environmental stewardship in a playful way. This magical show is full of slapstick and clowning that keeps even the youngest of audiences engaged and invested so the discovery of why the Whale is sick (it’s stomach is full of plastic) is both a surprise and a shock.

The Whale’s Tale inspires a love of our oceans and the creatures we share them with,” says Penny Baron, Co-Artistic Director of Born in a Taxi. “The performance and follow up program empowers children and their families to make simple changes that will contribute to a hopeful future for our oceans all who enjoy them.”

Since it was first co-commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne and Adelaide’s Windmill Theatre, The Whale’s Tale has reached huge audiences touring nationally and internationally to America, Korea, and New Zealand. Now it is coming to schools and families free of charge!

With enough votes through Pick my Project, Born in a Taxi’s environmental arts program will be chosen to deliver this timely project in City of Hobsons Bay. This will enable children and families who would not usually have the opportunity to experience the wonder of world-class live performance across schools, community centres and events in the City of Hobsons Bay.

“We are now integrating the show with local sustainability partners to introduce audiences to people who are already engaged in strategies that give our audience simple tools to take action at home and within the community, and ultimately, to help people live in a way that cares for our environment,” said Carolyn Hanna, Co-Artistic Director of Born in a Taxi.

The Whale’s Tale show and it’s message is only getting more relevant since it was first created in 2009. As part of this project, the company will be re-making their beautiful 9 metre long inflatable whale puppet that has travelled the globe over the last 10 years. This will make the whale more tourable, durable and allow more audience members to be swallowed inside, giving them a completely unforgettable experience.

“This is an opportunity for people not politicians to decide on the future they want and the experiences they want their kids to have,” adds Hanna. “VOTE for the future, VOTE for the next generation, VOTE NOW to make this happen. It will bring hope, joy, and empowerment to our children and the future of our only liveable planet.”

Born in a Taxi is an award-winning physical theatre ensemble that creates large scale accessible works that are highly visual, comic and interactive. They aim to inspire and empower young people to love and protect their environment, reduce single-use plastics and influence their own future.

To make this project a reality, visit: Pick My Project to register and vote. For more information about Born in a Taxi, visit: for details.

Image: Born in a Taxi’s The Whale’s Tale (supplied)