TW Drive - photo by Sarah WalkerInspired by the true events of former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, Drive is the story of one woman’s determined 14-hour journey from Houston to Orlando to confront her ex-lover’s new, much younger, girlfriend. Disguised in a dark wig, glasses, and trench coat, she had in her car a knife, a mallet, a BB gun, duct tape, rope, and allegedly wore an adult nappy so that she didn’t have to stop.

Running until 15 June as a part of Theatre Works Chapter Two program, this premiere theatrical work re-imagines Lisa’s story throughout her long drive. Putting the spotlight on a very particular kind of female implosion, Drive is a furious road trip through time, space, and the mind of a deviant woman.

“Drive is inspired by Lisa Nowak who was universally condemned and ridiculed by the American and world media.”, explains writer Rebecca Meston. “Her fall from grace as a NASA scientist and astronaut to a woman reduced to hysteria was deemed highly improbable…yet here she is.”

“Past 40, surrendering to her desire beyond the marriage bed, beyond being a good mum and provider, beyond what society says a woman like her should be. Drive explores a female protagonist who is not always likeable, but who you can relate to, who you’re on the journey with from the start, and how epic and mythic her fall becomes.”

This powerful new work asks us to consider not only the brilliant women amongst us, but also the ordinary women. The everyday worker, the dutiful friend, the woman raising children – the women doing it “all”. What makes them snap under the pressure? Where is the tipping point? How close are any of us to getting in our car, accelerating, and never looking back?

A graduate of the University of Sydney and PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Rebecca Meston is a writer and theatre maker. Her works have been performed across Australia at numerous festivals and venues including Vitalstatistix, Metro Arts, Format Festival, Brisbane Festival, Queensland Theatre Company, FELTspace Gallery, Adelaide Fringe, and now Theatre Works in Melbourne.

Director: Sasha Zahra Featuring: Ashton Malcolm, Lizzy Falkland, Christopher Pitman Movement: Larissa McGowan Sound Design: Ian Moorhead Set and Lighting Design: Meg Wilson Dramaturgy: Saffron Benner Writer: Rebecca Meston

Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda
Season continues to 15 June 2019
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Image: Drive – photo by Sarah Walker