Dis-connected - photo by Maria FalconerDis-connected is an enthralling and beautiful exploration of self identity, worth and celebration. Upon entering the space we are in the performers world. Delicate movements exquisitely begin to cascade from the performer’s body. The space is covered in fabric and twine, twisted and wrapped around the performers ankles and catching the light as it ripples across it.

Slowly the performer moves through the space, pacing around the stage and testing the limits of where they can tread. Soon the audience becomes aware that the performer is trapped, trapped by walls that mark the stage. More and more walls are added. White tap is used to mark up these new walls, tape that is added with such tender care as to induce ASMR.

As the story unfolds the performer exposes what has caused these walls. They are trapped in a cycle of necessary protection and enforced isolation. These are walls created by an all to familiar trauma. When ones self is defined and demonized by those who should love and care for you, rather than twist and break.

Parallels to the story of the mythical Monitor bring an intriguing depth to the work. We are asked to question, who is the victim and who is the monster, a question that the performer asks of them self.

Dis-connected is nothing short of flawless. Ethereal Andy has created a work that is layered and interesting, heartbreaking and celebrating. They have captured a very human experience and distilled it down to is raw and exposed bones. This is a must see during its return season at the Sunshine Art Gallery and The Bowery Theatre. Be sure not to miss it!

The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Performance: Saturday 19 January 2019
Season: 16 – 19 January 2019 (closed)
Information: www.etherealandy.com

Image: Dis-connected – photo by Maria Falconer

Review: Gavin Roach