James Batchelor Deepspace - photo by Charles TambiahPlaying at the intersection of the arts and sciences, Deepspace is an intimate performance combining dance, sound and installation. The work has grown out of a two-month residency aboard Australia’s state-of-the-art marine research vessel Investigator.

Award-winning choreographer and performer James Batchelor (Island, Metasystems) and visual artist Annalise Rees travelled to one of the most remote places on earth to study volcanic, sub-Antarctic islands, Heard and McDonald island.

From simple curiosity to detailed inquiry, this mesmerising work examines what drives us as humans to encounter the unknown. A vertical exploration, a shift in scale, we seek to determine the boundaries and properties of things. Rocking, lulling, rolling and mapping, Deepspace maps the terrain between rational deduction and intuitive feeling.

Bridging dance and visual arts mediums, James Batchelor is a choreographer and performer where his projects examine the interactions between humans and the environment via a rigorous process of documentation and physical translation. Batchelor has worked with countless choreographers and companies including Antony Hamilton, Stephanie Lake, Sue Healey, Prue Lane, Chunky Move and Tasdance.

Choreographer & Performer: James Batchelor Performer: Chloe Chignell Visual Artist: Annalise Rees Sound Design: Morgan Hickinbotham Lighting Design: Rose Connors Dance

Meat Market, 36 Courtney Street, North Melbourne
Performances: Monday 20 March 2017 (5.00pm / 6.00pm / 7.00pm / 8.00pm)

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Image: Charles Tambiah