Dead Skin

KXT-DEAD-SKIN-photo-by-Jasmin-SimmonsA furious and urgent work that shatters the cobwebs off the stale queer narrative. This blistering new work is staggering in it’s emotional depth and raw with it’s honesty. Nothing is held back as the story thunders and cracks upon the stage.

Dual stories of love and defiance unfold as we meet two young women carving out their place in the world. Lust and love collide as they each navigate relationships that are equal parts exciting and toxic.

Kim Hardwick’s direction is utterly on point – simple but powerfully complementary to the script, incorporating Brechtian elements into the staging. The stakes are amplified by Hardwick yet she is able to keep the world feeling grounded and real. Nothing is indulgent or ego driven, rather Hardwick guides the story with a strong artistic vision.

Ruby Maishman, Sarah Jane Kelly, Abe Mitchell, Laneikka Denne, and Camila Ponte-Alvarez are an impressive and formidable ensemble, a generous group of performers who deliver exceptional performances – both individually and as a collective.

From voice to breath to physicality, each actor masterfully embodies every facet of their character and enriches the script with rarely seen emotionally connected performances.

The stage is used so effectively – a table, a collection of TVs and a small handful of props is all this work needs to build and form the world within the space. The creative team have perfectly used the space and maximised the venue’s potencial.

Dead Skin is a brilliant addition to the Queer theatre landscape, it is work that should not just be celebrated but invested in, developed and given a bright slice of the spotlight.

Dead Skin
Kings Cross Theatre. Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 William St Kings Cross
Season: 2 – 17 April 2021 (season closed)

Image: Abe Mitchell and Sarah Jane Kelly in Dead Skin – photo by Jasmin Simmons

Review: Gavin Roach