Dandenong Ranges Open Studios set to inspire this weekend

Dandenong Ranges Open Studios Jenny RoweCelebrating its 15th year in 2018, the Dandenong Ranges Open Studios experience is an annual weekend program in May that invites visitors to meet, greet, and learn from artists working in their private studios.

27 participating studios will open their doors offering unique stories, histories and contexts, the weekend is an opportunity to get an exclusive ‘sneakpeek’ into the vibrant creative spaces of the Dandenong Ranges.

Let your curiosity guide you as you immerse yourself in the beauty of the Dandenong Ranges, the perfect inspiration for an incredible weekend. Last year, this highly anticipated event saw over 7500 studio visitations.

“This is my first introduction to Open Studios and I have been mesmerised by the landscape, entranced by the architecture and amazed by the creative talent in the program,” says Project Coordinator, Toni Main. “We have a scrumptious selection of artists that are keen to welcome you into their creative sanctuaries.”

The artists of the Dandenong Ranges create work in some incredibly inspiring architectural spaces hidden all around the hills. This year’s program features some exciting and fresh creativity, including: a music producer’s recording studio; a painter’s geodesic dome; a character illustrator’s den; a poetry writer’s nook; a metal welder’s garden; a copper etcher’s attic; and an entire first floor of local emerging artists.

Each studio involved in the program will also contribute to a major group exhibition at Burrinja. “Based around the theme of What Lies Beneath, the exhibition is the creative response to exploring the underbelly of the beast, digging into the unknown and allowing curiosity to lead the way.” Says Main.

The 2018 Dandenong Ranges Open Studios experience takes place this weekend (5 & 6 May). The What Lies Beneath group exhibition is currently on display at Burrinja Gallery until 6 May 2018. For more information and to download the Guidebook, visit: www.openstudios.org.au for details.

Image: Jenny Rowe in her studio (supplied)