MTC-CYRANO-photo-by-Jeff-BusbyVirginia Gay’s Cyrano is a sublime piece of theatre that daringly reimagines an old classic.

Gay has written an emotionally uplifting piece that has your heart aching for the hidden love amongst great heaves of laughter. Her script itself is modern poetry as she transports an old classic, written some one hundred and fifteen years ago, into the modern era.

Gay’s performance as Cyrano is uplifting as she portrays the heartache and angst for a love she feels unworthy of attaining. She can act, sing, dance and write an astonishing play within a play that mocks and pokes fun at itself.

The songs and music used throughout the production are at times fun and haunting, echoing the emotions of love. Gay is supported by an amazing cast that are given times to shine throughout the performance.

Tuuli Narkle, as Roxanne roller skates onto the stage with a confidence that is maintained throughout the performance.  Joel Jackson as the war veteran from the Pilbara has the moves and air of a male chasing after a mate.

Through the poetry of Cyrano, he strives to have the soul of a woman invade his body in order to capture the heart of Roxanne.

Holly Austin commands the stage in the final scenes to reveal some real home truths about love while Zenya Carmellotti’s wit and charm shine, and Robin Goldsworthy’s dance moves have the audience cheering and grooving along in their seats.

A simple set is transformed into a wonderland of love for the final scene as the stage becomes awash in green and colour.

Gay’s Cyrano is an observation of love.  Love in all its wonderous glory and human frailness. It’s a production that you will not want to miss.

Heath Ledger Theatre – State Theatre Centre of WA, 174 William Street, Perth
Performance: Friday 24 February 2023
Season continues to 5 March 2023
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Image: Tuuli Narkle and Virginia Gay in Cyrano – photo by Jeff Busby

Review: Craig Dalglish