Metamorphis_Crossfade_Timothy Treasure_editorialCrossfade presents a collaborative exploration into dress ups, gender, transgression, the roles we assume and those thrust upon us. In a contemporary world obsessed with appearances and the superficial, it works with costume as a stimulus from which layered vocabularies of movement and image emerge, to be presented in a narrative of rich episodic tableaus.

The garments not only represent constantly evolving/devolving definitive roles, but here in Crossfade have also become the basis from which the performance has been created. Crossfade is a show that is to be developed within an intensive structure comprised of only 9 days, giving it a sense of immediacy and authenticity.

AnA Wojak is an award-winning artist, whose practice crosses the precipice of performative and visual art forms, creating visually poetic work that resonates with a visceral depth. She has been exhibiting for over 30 years and performing for over 20, both solo and in diverse cross disciplinary collaborations. With a strong interest in site-specificity, she has also designed sets and costume for theatre and opera.

Jessi Lewis has been creating solo performance for 10 years, having created some 14 works; he has most recently turned to collaborative explorations, with individuals from a broad spectrum of investigative, cultural and creative backgrounds. Alongside his performance work, he has presented 2 visual art exhibitions and is a writer for the online publication Melbourne Arts Fashion.

The pair, based in Lismore and Melbourne respectively, share a keen sense of adventure and love for travel that sees them regularly present work both nationally and internationally. These two performers most recently worked alongside each other in Malaysia part of the Melaka Art and Performance Festival 2014 and previously together in Cairns on the performance Rise by Metamorphis Theatre Co.

The commonality between these uniquely different artists creates a through line that assumes a deeper connection, which ultimately binds this performance. Crossfade is further inspired by and draws from these rich and evolving collective memories. We return to the sunshine state filled with intent and purpose to serve you with something hot, delicious and subversively glamorous.

New Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley (Brisbane)
Performance: Thursday 26 March 2015 – 7.30pm

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: AnA Wojak and Jessi Lewis – photo by Timothy Treasure