Creative Victoria and City of Melbourne sign Memorandum of Understanding

Ben Rimmer CoM Andrew Abbott Creative VictoriaReinforcing Melbourne’s standing as a thriving global cultural city, Creative Victoria and the City of Melbourne have signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening the liveability and reputation of Melbourne through its creative industries.

Both organisations recognise the strong position of the creative sector in Victoria and share an understanding that the creative industries are integral to Melbourne’s identity, capacity for innovation, and economy.

“Melbourne is recognised as a creative capital; the hub of creative innovation in Australia, and home to many of the State’s leading arts organisations,” said Creative Victoria Deputy Secretary Andrew Abbott. “We look forward to working closely with the City of Melbourne to lift this reputation even further; to build on the phenomenal wealth of creative culture that already exists, and transform Melbourne into a truly global city.”

“The City of Melbourne works to integrate creativity and innovation into the everyday life of the city, for benefit of our residents, businesses and visitors,” said City of Melbourne CEO Ben Rimmer. “This new agreement will ensure that our efforts are closely aligned with those of the Victorian Government, leveraging our mutual investment to ensure that Melbourne will continue to be thriving and liveable, long into the future.”

The MoU is an action included in the Victorian government’s first creative industries strategy, Creative State. The agreement recognises that there are many areas of common interest between Creative Victoria and the City of Melbourne, and will ensure that actions are implemented collaboratively for greatest impact.

Following an extensive consultation process in late 2015, both organisations have agreed to focus cooperation in the first year of the agreement on four broad areas:

  • Infrastructure and Precincts – includes state-owned agencies and assets such as the Meat Market and Federation Bells, the Melbourne Arts Precinct, and the Creative Spaces program;
  • Programming and Events – includes key events such as Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, City of Melbourne-produced arts festivals such as Dance Massive, and Arts House developmental programming;
  • Industry Development – includes international profile, trade and engagement, through initiatives such as the City of Literature Office, and annual and multi-year arts funding programs;  
  • Research, Policy and Strategic Initiatives – includes City of Melbourne Arts Strategy 2014-2017, City of Melbourne Music Strategy 2014-2017, and Creative State.

As part of the agreement, Andrew Abbott and Ben Rimmer will co-chair two meetings a year featuring representatives from both Creative Victoria and the City of Melbourne. The first meeting was hosted by Creative Victoria on 16 May 2016 and included discussion of future areas of collaboration.

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Image: Ben Rimmer and Andrew Abbott – courtesy of City of Melbourne