Confetti and Chaos

MICF-Confetti-and-Chaos-courtesy-of-Interactive-Theatre-InternationalWill and Stacey are getting married today! But, as they don’t have a lot of cash, they weren’t planning to have a reception. Fortunately for the newlyweds, a surprise event was planned by family and friends.

That’s the setup for Confetti and Chaos – a comedy show that occurs around a three-course meal (drinks are extra), where most well-wishers are the audience.

The piece is presented by Interactive Theatre International, who have substantial experience in presenting a show around a meal. Past offerings by the company have included Faulty Towers The Dining Experience, which has had successful runs in a number of countries, and received numerous favourable reviews.

If we had to describe the style of the company’s offerings, we might reasonably settle on “farce”. From Ancient Greek theatre, to Shakespeare, to recent works like The Play that Goes Wrong, the genre has an enduring popularity.

The live-action element of Confetti and Chaos fits comfortably in this realm, having an amount physical humour, and misunderstandings that get out of hand as the evening proceeds.

The meal component of the “dinner and show” format can be a tricky thing to get right. The food needs to be approachable but not bland, and tables can reasonably expect to have plates delivered within a fairly short window.

The Stamford Plaza did better with this task than some in recent memory. Contributors to this success were crisp service, wise choices, and details such has having salt and pepper on the table.

From the (intentionally) cold entrée onwards, each of the three courses tended towards the generous in size, with a deal of care taken in presentation.

Mains were delivered at an appropriately appetising temperature and at a similar time for everyone at a table. A vegetarian option was available, but those with other dietary needs are advised to check with the company.

Our four players, Adrian Espulso, Rebecca Fortuna, Monique Lew-Reynolds, Jack Newell, did well as a range of characters including the Bride & Groom, Ricky (the best man), the mother of the Bride, and various other family members or hotel staff.

Character accents and mannerisms were maintained to convincing effect. Costume changes were achieved swiftly by performers as other players circulated the venue, bantering with us “wedding guests”.

As you might expect for a farce, the style of humour in Confetti and Chaos, is quite broad. However, it is done well. And, as it steers clear of adult topics, Covid, and swearing, it also makes for a family-friendly outing. Certainly, a number of groups in attendance laughed heartily at the situations and misadventures of the troupe.

Confetti and Chaos
Stamford Plaza Melbourne, 111 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne
Performance: Tuesday 19 April 2023 – 7.00pm
Season continues to 23 April 2023
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Image: Confetti and Chaos – courtesy of Interactive Theatre International

Review: Jason Whyte