Confessions of a Pyromaniac

Confessions-of-a-Pyromaniac_editorialThe Blue Room Theatre and Imprint Productions in association with Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company present Confessions of A Pyromaniac, a startlingly original production about creating a new life to escape a dark past.

Set in the suburbs, Max, his fiancé Sarah and their housemate Dave are getting ready to move out.  Max’s sister, Chris, a recovering pyromaniac is under the impression that the house is half hers and decides to fly over from Perth to help out. Memories from her past start to ignite and she starts to slip back into her old destructive ways.

Opening during NAIDOC week, Confessions of a Pyromaniac is written and directed by a talented team of Aboriginal Australian theatre makers and features a strong cast of local Aboriginal performers.

Bright, combustible and blazing, this show looks at the struggles faced by a character whose past is charred by their childhood pyromania. In this story about battling and overcoming an addiction, audiences can expect a fresh perspective on the reality of change.

“My heritage is important to me because it’s a part of who I am. I’m proud to have such a rich and strong culture,” says Director and Producer Shakara Walley.  “I’m blessed because I grew up understanding where I came from and that gave me a sense of pride that helped shape my future,”

“I have a lot of friends and family that are involved in the arts.  I know that there is a lot of interest in Aboriginal performers at the moment and I think we work in a difficult industry.”

“There are a lot of performers willing to work, but there’s not enough work out there.  I think it’s important to encourage and support new works by all type of Aboriginal performers, writers and theatre makers.”

Director / Producer: Shakara Walley (Girrawheen)  Writer: Mathew Cooper (Mandurah)  Featuring: Katya Shevtsov (Bayswater), Calen Tassone (Kalamunda) and Stephanie Somerville.

Confessions of a Pyromaniac
The Blue Room Theatre, 53 James Street, Northbridge (Perth)
Season: 9 – 19 July 2014

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Image: by Ricki Lee Walley